Quick Thoughts on Merit Pay

First of all, I can’t imagine going on strike as a teacher.  It goes against EVERY reason I went into teaching.  That being said, Reynoldsburg teachers voted to strike last night.  They are fighting an agenda being pushed by Gov. Kasich’s cronies.  Besides class size and health benefits, one of the central issues is merit pay.

Let me break merit pay down for you.  Name one other profession that has merit pay AND it is based on how someone else performs.  When I think of merit pay in other professions, I think of pro golfers.  But, they get paid on how they perform.  Think about a golf coach.  What if he was paid on merit?  He would probably love that if his only pupil was Rory McIlroy.  What if you sent him players who wouldn’t practice?  He’d probably argue against merit pay.  What if you sent him players with one arm?  He’d probably argue against merit pay.  What if you sent him players with broken golf clubs and no spikes?  He’d probably argue against merit pay.  Would he still teach them to the best of his ability?  Yes.  Are they ever going to perform at the highest level? No.

That’s why Reynoldsburg is fighting for all of the other teachers in Ohio.  They are a big district and which ever way this domino falls will have lasting impact for all districts in Ohio.

5 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts on Merit Pay

  1. I don’t know how this merit pay is based so I can’t speak to the specifics of it however, I’m all for paying the good teachers more and the bad ones less. Unfortunately, ALL teachers are protected by the union so it’s hard to get rid of the bad apples. Don’t know what the solution is but I feel our entire education system is broken and common core sure isn’t the answer.


    • Bob, I would totally agree with you. There are big problems from the top down. Merit pay could be based on achievement like the analogy I’ve presented, or on growth. In that case, if you’re Rory’s coach you only get paid if he wins 10 tournaments instead of 9 next year. Would you want merit pay? As for the bad teachers, there aren’t as many as some think, but it is a LONG process to get rid of them. Too long.


      • I’ve been on some form of merit pay almost my entire life; it was called commissions when in sales and bonuses when in management.


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