Are you serious?

Ok, I get it.  I’m a conservative in a very liberal profession. I know it, and I accept it. I have managed to surround myself with fellow conservative teachers, so sometimes I forget just how over the top “educators” can be. I receive the newsletters and emails from the NEA and OEA. The assumptions they make that all of their members think like that are staggering to me.  I follow a few different education sites on Twitter because I want to stay at the top of my craft.  Unfortunately, those sites often push political agendas instead of good pedagogy.

Today, one of the sites I follow was promoting a “First Person” editorial called “I Am Scared to Walk Into a Classroom” accompanied by a scary picture of a handgun and scattered yellow pencils. It was written by a preservice teacher about gun violence and how politicians aren’t doing enough to protect teachers and the awesomeness of the #ArmMeWith hashtag project. And how she just doesn’t know how she’s going to answer her student’s questions about gun violence. And that she’s having to “grasp” that she might be able to carry a weapon. And..on And…on. And no, I’m not going to link to it here.

Of course I didn’t dare comment on the article because having an opinion that opposes their agenda is unacceptable and they really aren’t looking for a real conversation anyway.  However, it was so irritating that I thought I would just get it off my chest here.

As I read it, all I could really think was, “Of course you’re scared.  Two years ago you were probably crying in a safe room on campus because your candidate lost.” If all of the next generation of teachers has this mindset, we truly are in trouble. She is “increasingly terrified to enter a school professionally” because of the extremely remote possibility of gun violence in her school, yet she had no problem driving there?  According to this article on, she has a 1 in 108 chance of dying in a motor vehicle accident.  Dying in a mass shooting? 1 in 11,125.  I’ll take my chances at school.

If this is truly what she spends her time worrying about, and this wasn’t just some attention-grabbing, political agenda editorial,  I hope she never enters a classroom professionally. I especially hope she is never a colleague of mine.

Here let me add to the hashtag project. #ArmMeWith colleagues with common sense.pexels-photo-270271.jpeg


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