The Joy of Eddie the Eagle





I went to watch Joy this morning.  It is an inspiring story of the woman who invented the Miracle Mop and many other things.  She faced incredible adversity and fought through it.  She risked everything.  Everyone except a very few opposed her.  No one paved the way for her.

One of the previews before the movie was for Eddie the Eagle. This is the story of a British ski jumper.  From the previews it seems he was mercilessly bullied by peers and adults because of his lack of athleticism among other things.  It was obvious that the more he was bullied and told he couldn’t accomplish his dreams, the more he was driven to succeed.

Here’s what I see every day.  Zero tolerance bullying policies that go way beyond bullying. Bulldozer parents that pave the way and fix everything for their kids. Sports leagues where every kid is given a trophy and told they did a good job whether they did or not.

When I look back through history at some of the greatest stories, they are people who were failures and then picked themselves up.  Generals, presidents, inventors, artists…so many stories of adversity overcome.

Are they going to write books and movies about this generation if we continue not allowing them to fail?