Something Tangible

2015-01-13 16.25.35

There is a scramble going on in Buckeye Nation today.  There is evidence of it all over social media.  One post that I read said, “Help! Meijer is sold out of today’s Dispatch.  Where can I get one???”  In the wake of the Buckeyes’ stunning victory in last night’s CFP Championship Game, people are looking for a copy of the morning paper.

They aren’t taking screenshots of the Dispatch’s website or saving it to favorites.  They want something tangible. They want something they can hold in their hands, put in a scrapbook, tuck away in a hope chest, or frame on the wall.  They want something they can pull out years later and read through, relive the memories, and share with their grandkids.  I wonder if it will always be like that?

I worry about today’s kids.  In our world of texts and tweets, are they going to have anything to take out years from now to relive these times?  My wife and I have boxes of letters we wrote to each other when we were long-distance dating at different colleges.  It’s awesome to pull one of those boxes out of the closet, sit on the floor, and get all sentimental.

One of my most cherished possessions is a collection of letters my dad wrote to my mom before they were married when he was a solder in Africa and France during WWII.  Will my son’s children or grandchildren have anything like that for posterity?

Come on kids.  When you’re communicating with that person who may just become your “til death do you part”, put away the electronics and create something tangible.  Send a card.  Write a letter.  Write notes to each other instead of scheduling an “I love you” text with Hootsuite. One day you’ll want to be able to hold those in your hand and remember.